Entry #9

Trayiel Online MMORPG!

2008-10-20 21:18:14 by Lantay77

We are currently also working on a flash MMORPG called Trayiel Online!
Check it out at http://trayiel.com

We are going to use Entering the Stronghold as our first song. Used with permission due to ads.

More info about Trayiel Online will be posted in later stages of development. We are also going to have a demo version on Newgrounds!

I am also still working on adding the sideshow engine and other things I previously mentioned to my website. I am going to make 2 new games also, a computer building/shop game, and the random maze generator. I may or may not work on the game I was going to make called ShapeX. I just have to see how my time works out with Trayiel Online at top priority.

Trayiel Online MMORPG!


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