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Fix right click

Good game, I made a game similar to this 3 years ago. You can fix the right click cheating if you add some ActionScript that detects a right click and sends you to another screen that says "don't cheat" or something similar.


Good game, not original.
Good use of physics and the VCAM.
Good control scheme.
Good use of dimensions, the background did not move as fast as the top layers.

Basez responds:

thanks, and I know the concept sucks :P

Very Cool.

Very fun game, great physics. I love anything related to space!

Fun, great physics and art.

Fun game, great concept.
Great actionscript physics.
Great artwork.

I don't know anything to make it better than it already is.
Actually I do, you should make a multiplayer version.
Look into php xml sockets.

shockwood responds:

Cheers Lantay77, I'm looking into that as well as an editor for people to create their own levels.

Dont buy flash.

Learn to spell first. If your on a trial version of flash dont buy it until you graduate the fourth grade please.

Spend more time on games.

"batterys" = batteries
"hav" = have
"were" = where

Woah, too simple.

I could do this so easily... 10 mins lol..

One thing to fix.. make it so when you click the text box it wipes it.. use Selection.GetFocus to do this.

masterguy-1243 responds:

I made it in seven. Beat you.

Eh. good start, needs major work.

Good start.. for a noob obviously..

Constructive Criticism:
ADD A PRELOADER. People do not like to sit and wait for a game this large to load without a bar.
DON'T use copyrighted music. Take music from the Newgrounds Audio Portal to use in your games.
Spend more time before submitting something, I could do this in a couple hours.. I don't spam stuff like this. (unless it is a multiplayer game of course)
Spice up the graphics a bit.

Your next game I hope you put some more time and effort into it.

Better concept...

Way better concept than the Days 2 Die game you made.

Great, but repetitive

Great game, but it gets very repetitive.. Every level is the same thing.

Too simple, overused concept.

There are too many pong remakes.. this really did not add in an original twist. It never ended.. just kept going on and on. Add some unique goals.


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